LANA is an organizing coalition that works toward safer, more vibrant and equitable nightlife culture in the City of Los Angeles.

Through convening, education, and research, we will build a safer, more vibrant and equitable nightlife ecosystem for Los Angeles and her visitors.

LANA serves as a connector and mediator between those who create, regulate, and participate in nightlife—policymakers and regulators, nightlife culture creators and workers, and the public—to develop and implement sensible approaches to the issues that inhibit LA’s nightlife culture.



For many participants in LA’s burgeoning grassroots and DIY nightlife scene, there is a lack of standardized safety protocol at the events and spaces they operate in.

LANA is working alongside NGOs such as Drug Policy Alliance and End Overdose, as well as a network of national and international community organizations, to bring training programs, safety materials and best practices to these valuable and underserved community.

Longer Nights

If Los Angeles is to become a vibrant cultural hub after dark, we must explore the possibilities of extending operating hours for venues and creative spaces in existing nightlife districts.

LANA looks to other cities’ policies and approaches to nightlife management, to begin conversations about intentional, smartly planned nightlife in Los Angeles.

Learn more about California's efforts in our guide to 4am.

Ensuring Access

A thriving, diverse nightlife ecosystem includes temporary or pop-up uses of space, which can be challenging for artists and creators to access legally.

LANA seeks to facilitate collaboration and open dialogue between creators and regulators of nightlife culture, to create more equitable access to permitting processes, towards a common goal of safe nightlife spaces.


Early 2018

Gathered promoters, activists, city planners and business owners together to discuss and ideate.

Spring–Fall 2018

Held 15 meetings/workshops with participants from Metro, City Hall, Transport Commission, UCLA, Music Center, Grand Park, Red Bull, Los Angeles Times, and Vice Media

November 2018

Hosted town hall for 100+ nightlife stakeholders, featuring panel discussions and harm reduction training led by partner organization End Overdose, including distribution of free Narcan kits to promoters and local venues.

December 2018

Established working groups around safety, longer nights and ensuring access.

March 2019

Hosted harm reduction training by partner organization Drug Policy Alliance, designed for venue staff and promoters.

Vision 2028

The 2028 Olympics is an opportunity for Los Angeles to showcase its vibrant, diverse, and equitable nightlife culture to the world.

  • Nightlife stakeholders have a unified, representative voice in city government
  • LA joins Berlin, Amsterdam, and NYC as a leading innovator in global nightlife policy
  • Ongoing research into economic and cultural impact of nightlife
  • Best practices for operators are routinely developed, updated and disseminated among community
  • LANA is a thriving, diverse organization with grassroots representation across LA’s cultural communities and strong relationships with municipal departments
  • 2028 Olympics is recognized for our cultural and civic ambition as much as the sport

Who We Are

LANA’s membership includes nightlife creators, city staffers, civic educators, DJs, scholars, promoters, community activists, first responders, and many more. For more information on becoming a member, reach out to la.nightlifealliance@gmail.com.

Our Team

Advisory Board

Tafarai Bayne, Chief Strategist, CicLAvia

Adam Englander, Partner & General Counsel, Englander, Knabe & Allen

Heidi Zeller, Senior Manager of Cultural Programming, Metro

Stefanie Jones, Director of Audience Development, Drug Policy Alliance

Lutz Leichsenring, Executive Board Member, Clubcommission; Co-Founder, Creative Footprint

Steering Committee

Shelly Badal, freelance creative producer

Ross Gardiner, Black Circle Media & freelance journalist

Nikola Hlady, City of Claremont & DJ Cromie

Derek Marshall, NationBuilder & freelance event producer

Juli Odomo, freelance mathematician and designer

Diana Raiselis, Coro Southern California

Get Involved!

LANA holds monthly working group meetings for our membership, and public events multiple times per year. To get involved, email us at la.nightlifealliance@gmail.com, or sign up for updates below.